Brick Penguin Presents:
We Peaked in Summer Camp

Buddy-systemDo you sometimes feel like life got away from you? Your job’s boring, your apartment’s overpriced, your ex got married in a sunset beach ceremony that was as devastating as it was tasteful. Despite all that, don’t you ever ever forget that for one glorious summer you were a god among thirteen year olds at summer camp. We know you were. Everybody was. Two to eight magical weeks in a wooded-enclave, most likely near a small body of water, where, in spite of yourself, you were more athletic, more confident, more seductive than you ever dreamed possible. You made friends with kids from other states. They called you “Viking” and offered you tribute of orange soda and Fun Dip from the canteen. You made it to second base, or at least that’s what you told your friends back at school. It’s time for you to feel that fleeting, hormonal joy again. We’ve got a brand new show bursting at the seams with brand new sketches. Come check it out, Saturday, May 17, 8pm and 10pm at The Fridge and maybe… just maybe… you’ll finally get to second base. Buy or reserve tickets here.

It’s New So It Must Be Sexy

SWAGGY-KidWe have exploded forth into the New Year with the same wild-eyed passion that has become expected of us… is what we would say if it was true. We are back, though, with a new show: all new sketches, all new ideas, all new potential for basic cable-appropriate nudity. Come hang out with us and watch us make funny on February 22, 8PM and 10PM at The Fridge in Eastern Market. All are welcome, except for Antonio Sabato Jr… he knows what he did. Buy or reserve tickets here.

The Holiday Show is Upon Us

if-you-think-those-christmas-cards-are-weirdCome sit on our laps… no not for that… you sicko… sit on our laps and tell us what you want for Christmas. Is it a new bike? A Red Rider BB gun? Your parents to get back together? Well, let me tell you something: none of that is happenin’ so you might as well start drinkin’ now, champ. Don’t fret though, Brick Penguin is here to cure the holiday blues. We’ve got a brand new show filled with brand new holiday sketches about all the dysfunction that comes with the last two months of the year. Join us on December 14th at The Fridge and we’ll get through this thing together. Get your tickets here.

Next Show: August 10, 2013 – RFD

Brick Penguin Presents: The Ol’ Family Reunion

Summer is about seeing old friends and family. Catching up with relatives. Uncle Lenny lost some weight. Great Aunt Myrtle still has that sparky attitude. Your cousin Jason got married and made partner at his firm. And your mom is so impressed. She keeps telling you how well he’s doing and how proud your grandparents are. And when you tell her about your sketch show, she smiles and tells you how wonderful that is but her eyes are crying out, begging you to do something normal for once in your life and just get married and get a job and have kids because going on stage dressed as a monkey just isn’t cute anymore, in fact, it’s starting to get creepy. Yeah. Summer is great. Join us on August 10 at 8PM and 10PM at RFD for some all new sketches (and maybe even some old favorites) as we welcome back our brother Curtis Raye for a little family reunion of our own! Get tickets here!

Next Show: June 15, 2013 – RFD

Brick Penguin Presents: Cruel, Cruel Summer

It’s gonna be the best summer ever. You’ll chase bugs. You’ll go to camp. You’ll do the perfect cannonball. You’ll finally win the heart of Christy Ferucci unless she spends all summer with Billy Botta even though you are perfect for her and she’s only hanging out with him because he’s good at the skateboard and you could be good at skateboards too if you weren’t committed to being a rollerblader. Yeah, it’s gonna be the best summer ever. So come to our shows at RFD on June 15 at 8PM and 10PM and start it off right. Get tix here.


Next Show: March 23, 2013 @ RFD

Brick Penguin Presents: The Life and Times of Peter Cottontail – TIX
…a story of adventure, shame, time travel, regret, unusual vegetables, legal proceedings, a prosthetic tail, violent power grabs, and a French caterpillar named Antoine.

If our show contains 1/8th of the creativity of ABC’s Easter television special “Here Comes Peter Cottontail” it will be a huge success….or a totally incomprehensible whacked out mind f#%k. Come check out our all new sketch show this March at RFD!!!

Join us on March 23 at 8 & 10pm . Get your Tickets here

RFD is located at 810 7th St, NW Washington, DC 20001
1 block from the Gallery Place/Chinatown Metro Station