Next Show: August 10, 2013 – RFD

Brick Penguin Presents: The Ol’ Family Reunion

Summer is about seeing old friends and family. Catching up with relatives. Uncle Lenny lost some weight. Great Aunt Myrtle still has that sparky attitude. Your cousin Jason got married and made partner at his firm. And your mom is so impressed. She keeps telling you how well he’s doing and how proud your grandparents are. And when you tell her about your sketch show, she smiles and tells you how wonderful that is but her eyes are crying out, begging you to do something normal for once in your life and just get married and get a job and have kids because going on stage dressed as a monkey just isn’t cute anymore, in fact, it’s starting to get creepy. Yeah. Summer is great. Join us on August 10 at 8PM and 10PM at RFD for some all new sketches (and maybe even some old favorites) as we welcome back our brother Curtis Raye for a little family reunion of our own! Get tickets here!

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