Brick Penguin Presents:
Back To The Upside Down

Backpacks?  Check!  Bikes?  Check! Girl with telekinetic powers and persistent nose bleeds? CHECK! Waaaaait a minute -what’s she doing here?  And where the hell are all my goddamn Eggos?!  C’mon guys!! Ohhh…she knows about the place? Oh boy. And the stuff we did there?? Oh jeez.  Well I guess she has to come then.  But don’t tell anyone else, OK?  You told everybody?!  This is bad…this is very bad!! Alright, here’s the plan: meet us at the portal at Dojo Comedy on September 17. We’re gonna feed the monster brand new sketches and hope it stops eating our friends.  Get your Portal Passes Here and for the love of Pete (also eaten by monster) bring googles!


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