Brick Penguin Presents:
We’re All Gonna Get Laid

5-Caddyshack-quotesValentine’s Day is a time for romance and love. A special day when you and your sweetheart can profess your love through your thoughtful words and your caring actions. It’s a day to celebrate the goodness and purity of true love. Well.. this show isn’t on Valentine’s Day so forget that garbage. Brick Penguin is back with a brand new sketch show to say forget about love, let’s get laid. Leave your love letters, candy hearts, and underwear at home, because this show is gonna be sweaty, nasty, and as raw as the Wu Tang Clan likes it. Join us on February 27 at Dojo Comedy at 8pm or 10pm to see all new sketches that will leave you craving. Bring a towel. Get your tickets here!

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