Brick Penguin Presents:
The Hunt for an Outlaw

imagesHe rode into town on Friday and spent the next three days ropin’, wrasslin’, rustlin’, and wreakin’ the kinda havoc befitting a man of his considerable wickedness. Then rode out of town on Friday. (His horse was named Friday, it’s, like, page one of the riddle book.) The sheriff put out a bounty and asked for folks fearless and foolish to hunt down this dastardly outlaw. We stepped forward, were deputized, and rode out with the dust behind us and our bullets in front. We’ve been known as Brick Penguin ever since: Renegade Lawmen with a warped sense of morality and humor built for the gallows. We’ve got a brand new sketch comedy show at Hamilton’s Bar & Grill  (233 2nd St NW) on Saturday June, 13 at 8pm and 10pm. Come down to the saloon, ask the barman for a whiskey and a hot shave, and see our all new sketches, you can bring your horse, too. Get your tickets here.

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