Brick Penguin Presents:
Casual Sax with Strangers

OJJPicture this: You’re walking through the streets. It’s warm, but the breeze is just strong enough to make your long, luxurious feathered hair flutter gently. The city is alive with danger and excitement and cab drivers in a knife fight. You turn your head and see a mysterious stranger. Your eyes meet. This song plays (for some reason, don’t question it). You move closer until you can taste each other’s warm breath. It’s physical. It’s animal. There’s only one way this night’s gonna end and that’s with hot jazz all over the place. Our brand new sketch comedy show will be a lot like that. We’ve got all new sketches, as nasty as you like it. So come out to Hamilton’s Bar & Grill  (233 2nd St NW) on Saturday April 25 at 8pm and 10pm and enjoy some Casual Sax with Strangers. Get your tickets here.


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