Brick Penguin Presents:
Hard Candy and Soft Pumpkins
The Halloween Show!

halloween-costumes-for-kids-33We’re back and just in time for our fourth annual Halloween Show. It’ll be Halloween just like you remember it from childhood, except the part where that one guy in a bathrobe said he “forgot it was Halloween” tried to give you powdered Entenmann’s donuts and pennies…  wonder what ever happened to that guy… seems like the kinda guy who would get killed by a prostitute…aaaaannnyway… We’re comin’ at you with a spooky, dark, and most likely haunted show filled with all new sketches.* So join us Friday, October 24 AND Saturday October 25, 8pm and 10pm at RFD in Chinatown. Get your tickets here! (First 20 people to buy tickets get them for $5!)

*There will be no ghosts at the show. Unless you believe in ghosts, then you are keenly aware that there will be a lot of ghosts there and they’re most likely angry and coming after you.


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