Brick Penguin Presents:
We Peaked in Summer Camp

Buddy-systemDo you sometimes feel like life got away from you? Your job’s boring, your apartment’s overpriced, your ex got married in a sunset beach ceremony that was as devastating as it was tasteful. Despite all that, don’t you ever ever forget that for one glorious summer you were a god among thirteen year olds at summer camp. We know you were. Everybody was. Two to eight magical weeks in a wooded-enclave, most likely near a small body of water, where, in spite of yourself, you were more athletic, more confident, more seductive than you ever dreamed possible. You made friends with kids from other states. They called you “Viking” and offered you tribute of orange soda and Fun Dip from the canteen. You made it to second base, or at least that’s what you told your friends back at school. It’s time for you to feel that fleeting, hormonal joy again. We’ve got a brand new show bursting at the seams with brand new sketches. Come check it out, Saturday, May 17, 8pm and 10pm at The Fridge and maybe… just maybe… you’ll finally get to second base. Buy or reserve tickets here.

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