Jenny’s Made up Facts

Thanks to Jenny, now you know things you didn’t know before. To meet the intellectual genius behind these facts, come to our next show at the DC Arts Center.

1.       If penguins could fly, they would fly faster and more swiftly than chickens (if chickens could fly).

2.       Human being cannot play the saxophone to their fullest potential unless they are wearing Oakley sunglasses.

3.       In a fight between a robin and a squirrel, the robin will always win, despite the squirrel having bigger nuts.

4.       One out of every three fire hydrants in China is actually a wonton, and completely ineffective in an emergency.

5.       The mimosa is the national drink of Lithuania. It started as a joke in the ’80s and it stuck.

6.       There are only 2 active vending machines that accept American pennies. One is located in Puerto Rico and dispenses Pepsi. The other is in your mom’s basement.

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