Brick Penguin Presents:
A Hallmark Christmas
The Holiday Show

Hallmark_Channel_Heart_of_TV_Countdown_to_Christmas_Logo_smIt’s been a long year. The season doesn’t feel like the season: there’s fear and animosity and Sting has a new album out, it’s madness! There are a few things you can do to get into the holiday spirit. You could take a bunch of pills and listen to Bing Crosby until you forget what day it is. You kidnap any old fat man with a white beard and refuse to release him until he hears your Christmas wish. Or you could do the smart thing and turn on the Hallmark Channel and watch the 24/7 Christmas movie-kakke that’s running. Classics like A Boyfriend for Christmas, A Bride for Christmas, A Princess for Christmas, Love at the Thanksgiving Day Parade, The Christmas Forest, The Dog Who Saved Christmas, The Christmas Secret, The Magic Nativity, Hitched for the Holidays, or A Night Out for Mrs. Claus. (Only three of those are made up.) Do you want to remember why the holidays are magical? Do you want to see a single mother and a lonely widower (or vice versa) fall in love despite initial misgivings? Do you want to know what Eric McCormack or Lori Loughlin or Lacey Chabert or Joey Lawrence or countless Canadian day players have been up to? Well then turn on Hallmark, unplug all the clocks, and slip into a Christmas coma. That’s what we did. And what did we get out of it? A brand new sketch comedy show! Come out and see our annual Holiday Show on Saturday, December 10th at 8pm and 10pm at Dojo Comedy! We’ll remind you what the holidays are all about… or more accurately what they shouldn’t be about… All new sketches! So come out and see us, ya Grinch. Get your tickets here!