Brick Penguin Presents:
Hell to Pay

halOnce a year, when the chill creeps through the darkness, the wind whispers gently and summons from the deepest corners the abyss the things that haunt our dreams. Call them ghosts or ghouls or demons or devils, they come once a year to demand their due. And their Dew, because if anything is true of terrifying spirits it’s that they love Mountain Dew. You may think these are nothing more than campfire tales. But we’re not taking any changes. That’s why we’re offering our tribute to the evil things with a brand new sketch comedy show. A haunting, wicked, and probably grammatically suspect sketch comedy show with all new sketches, spells, potions, and other weird stuff. Come check it out on Friday, October 28 AND Saturday, October 29 at 8pm and 10pm at Dojo Comedy. Bring Mountain Dew…there’s Hell to Pay this year. Get your tickets now!