Brick Penguin Presents:
Viking Funeral

Viking_funeralDuring our travels in which we have secured much glory for the gods, we have lost in battle a great warrior, slain in combat as we all pray to be. He sailed more seas, conquered more lands, and pillaged with less mercy than any warrior before him. He earned his place in Valhalla and he deserves a true Viking funeral. And so we shall bury him by sending his body out to sea and lighting it with a flaming arrow (which is totally a real thing and not at all a Hollywood construct that makes very little sense considering the cost of ships at the time and the actual burning temperature needed to cremate a body). And we will feast to him with fatty meat shanks. And we will drink mead at long wooden tables that we will bang with our fists. And as a final honor to the warrior that conquered for the glory of Odin we present a sketch comedy show from Brick Penguin featuring all new sketches at the Nordic temple known as Dojo Comedy on July 30 at 8pm and 10pm. So if you do not want to face the hammer of Thor get your tickets now!