Brick Penguin Presents:
This Is Not A Drill!

ad4f3050-21c9-11e6-94df-1f442e84caa9_TopsecretsidebarThis is not a drill! We repeat: This is not a drill! We are at a Code Seven – Quebec Alert – Magenta Level. This is real! This thing is now a thing! All systems are to operate on frequency Eight. Report to Squad Leader who will report to Legion Leader who will report to Command Central, which will send instructions to Legion Leaders, who in turn will relay instructions to Squad Leaders, who will disseminate orders to each agent via e-vite secure communication invitation system. As you await instruction, make sure to take shelter at Dojo Comedy for Brick Penguin’s brand new sketch show on June 11 at 8pm and 10pm. Make sure to watch intently as the members of Brick Penguin will be giving valuable and dangerously acquired intel to agents through codes in their sketches. Also there will be jokes about butts and stuff. We trained for this, people! Get your tickets here! The operation depends on it.