We Love Brian Byrne – And You Should Too

Thanks to our sound and lights whiz Brian Byrne. In addition to keeping our shows running smoothly, he’s a very funny stand-up. If you want to see, he has a show this Sunday afternoon at Riot Act in Chinatown.

Info: Sunday afternoon (Jan. 29) from 2-4pm. Keeping with the comedy club atmosphere (including table service, lights, stage, and video recording), tickets will be $15 (and will be available at the door).

Also, he’ll be at the Looking Glass Lounge in Petworth (3634 Georgia Avenue NW) next Monday from 8-10pm.

Go see him!

New show added: Jan. 28 at 10pm

Due to a complete dearth of demand, we’re adding a second show on Saturday. It’s like in elementary school: When nobody is paying attention to your playground juggling routine, you double down and start hurling whatever you find on the ground (rocks, used diapers, kindergarten students) into the air. Seating is very limited. Get your ticket before it’s too late.

New Show Date: January 28

Ah, that new venue smell. It’s what keeps us going on the darkest of days. On Saturday, January 28, we’re going to turn the 3rd floor of Touchdown Sports Bar into a comedy venue. It’s not a huge space, so we recommend buying a ticket in advance. But, then again, you know the drill: it wasn’t like our last show was at Wembley. That’s where the Newark Bears play, right?

Thanks for reading. Grab some tickets, and we’ll see you January 28 at 8pm.

Jenny’s Made Up Facts, #3

16.       Because their feathers were optimal in quill production, seagulls were once considered a sophisticated bird. They enjoyed the good life, dining on exotic delicacies and fine wines. After the invention of the ink pen they became unnecessary and left behind by the in-crowd. This rejection forced them to turn to savaging. To this day they are pretty bitter about it.

17.        The man on the moon was often called “crater face” in high school. In his book, “Cant Phase Me,” he sites the bullying as painful but important part of his development at Milky Way High.

18.       94% of people who say they can read minds are twice as bad at lying than people who do not claim to have the skill.

19.       A human with worms has a parasite. A worm with worms is pregnant.

20.       100% of people between the ages of life and death agree that grape jelly is the worst.