New show added: Jan. 28 at 10pm

Due to a complete dearth of demand, we’re adding a second show on Saturday. It’s like in elementary school: When nobody is paying attention to your playground juggling routine, you double down and start hurling whatever you find on the ground (rocks, used diapers, kindergarten students) into the air. Seating is very limited. Get your ticket before it’s too late.

New Show Date: January 28

Ah, that new venue smell. It’s what keeps us going on the darkest of days. On Saturday, January 28, we’re going to turn the 3rd floor of Touchdown Sports Bar into a comedy venue. It’s not a huge space, so we recommend buying a ticket in advance. But, then again, you know the drill: it wasn’t like our last show was at Wembley. That’s where the Newark Bears play, right?

Thanks for reading. Grab some tickets, and we’ll see you January 28 at 8pm.