Brick Penguin Presents:
This Is Not A Drill!

ad4f3050-21c9-11e6-94df-1f442e84caa9_TopsecretsidebarThis is not a drill! We repeat: This is not a drill! We are at a Code Seven – Quebec Alert – Magenta Level. This is real! This thing is now a thing! All systems are to operate on frequency Eight. Report to Squad Leader who will report to Legion Leader who will report to Command Central, which will send instructions to Legion Leaders, who in turn will relay instructions to Squad Leaders, who will disseminate orders to each agent via e-vite secure communication invitation system. As you await instruction, make sure to take shelter at Dojo Comedy for Brick Penguin’s brand new sketch show on June 11 at 8pm and 10pm. Make sure to watch intently as the members of Brick Penguin will be giving valuable and dangerously acquired intel to agents through codes in their sketches. Also there will be jokes about butts and stuff. We trained for this, people! Get your tickets here! The operation depends on it.


Brick Penguin Presents:
Rumpus Time

bad_kidsYour parents are out for the night at some adult party so what do you do? Tell your friends to come over, lock the babysitter in the bathroom, and get ready to watch some stuff your parents don’t let you: It’s rumpus time! We’ve got a brand new sketch comedy show on Saturday, April 23 at Dojo Comedy at 8pm and 10pm and your parents would HATE it. But your parents are totally lame, right? And what they don’t know can’t hurt ‘em. So come out and see the all new sketches. You’ll be the coolest kid at school. And from there you can start smoking and lighting stuff on fire in the park. Life is gonna be great! Get your tickets here.

Brick Penguin Presents:
We’re All Gonna Get Laid

5-Caddyshack-quotesValentine’s Day is a time for romance and love. A special day when you and your sweetheart can profess your love through your thoughtful words and your caring actions. It’s a day to celebrate the goodness and purity of true love. Well.. this show isn’t on Valentine’s Day so forget that garbage. Brick Penguin is back with a brand new sketch show to say forget about love, let’s get laid. Leave your love letters, candy hearts, and underwear at home, because this show is gonna be sweaty, nasty, and as raw as the Wu Tang Clan likes it. Join us on February 27 at Dojo Comedy at 8pm or 10pm to see all new sketches that will leave you craving. Bring a towel. Get your tickets here!

Brick Penguin Presents:
Santa’s Secrets






We all think we know a lot about Santa Claus: he has a beard, he has a workshop up north, he has eight reindeer… Well, he also has skeletons in the closet, dirty little secrets he doesn’t want us talking about. Did you know that he’s from Greece? Don’t you think it’s a little disconcerting that he has a list of addresses of “naughty” children? Why haven’t we ever really seen him and Tim Allen in the same room? This Christmas thing is dirty and we know exactly how how high up this goes: the North Pole. Come check out our 5th Annual Holiday Show on December 12 at Hamilton’s Bar (not the Hamilton) at 8pm and 10pm to get to the bottom of this thing. It’ll be full of brand new sketches, candy canes, presents, and cold hard truth about Dirty Ol’ St Nick. Get your tickets here!


Brick Penguin Presents:
We Are All Going to Hell
*The Halloween Show*

ArtPaintingMythologyHellprobablyItalian1Hell is out there, people, and we need to be ready to go there. Whether you think it’s a lake of fire, an eternal torture chamber, or Buffalo, you’d better start packin’. We think we have a pretty good idea what’s in store for us when we’re forced to answer for our questionable sketch comedy and that other thing we did on Arbor Day. Our hell is an arcade where some kid you really hate just beat your high score in skee ball and everyone is saying you’re not the champion anymore so you start pumping quarters in but you keep rolling 10s or, even worse, you tip off the 50s and drop down to the ten. And you keep getting frustrated because Eric is laughing at you and bragging to Kim Fitzpatrick about how awesome he is at skee ball. The more frustrated you get the more it knocks you off your game and you are now sometimes throwing the skee balls off the track entirely. And you just get madder and madder because Kim probably thinks he’s such a great skee ball player when it was all luck and now she’s never gonna want to be in your group for the language arts project… ah… I hate ERIC!… Anyway. Come celebrate your inevitable damnation at our annual HALLOWEEN SHOW on Saturday, Oct 24 (8pm and 10pm) at Dojo Comedy. All brand new sketches! There’ll be goblins, and demons, and hot nurses, and all the other things we associate with the Devil. Get your tickets here.


Brick Penguin Presents:
Homecoming Weekend

4a636df8-650x650_q85Hey, so, um, you know, like, Homecoming is coming up pretty soon. Yeah, I know it’s totally lame. Only squares go to Homecoming. But, I was thinking about it and, like, I don’t know, it might be kinda funny if we went together. Just to, like, make fun of all the dweebs who are there having fun and showing school spirit or whatever. Yeah, and we could, like, show them how useless it is by, ya know, dancing with each other. Everybody would be like “whaaa?” Oh… no, i was kidding. No! I was totally joking with you. There’s no way I would go to that. Instead we should go see a brand new Brick Penguin sketch comedy show at Dojo Comedy (3503 Georgia Ave NW) with all new sketches on Friday, September 25 at 8pm and 10pm. Get your tickets here.


Brick Penguin Presents:
The Body Issue

Muscle-Man-SteroidsIt’s that time again – time for Brick Penguin’s annual show where we bare all and show off what it takes to make hilarious hard-hitting sketch comedy. In the words of Ali Krieger, defender for the U.S. Women’s Soccer Team, “it’s important to show your vulnerabilities. I’m proud of my body, I’m proud of my sport, I’m proud of being a female athlete. Being naked is just another aspect of that. It’s real. It’s raw. It’s honest.”
Yeeeeeh, you know what, umm, nevermind. I think we’ll just stick with the original plan and do the show fully clothed and dimly lit. Feast your eyes on some brand new sketch comedy at a new location Dojo Comedy (3503 Georgia Ave NW) on August, 7th and 8th.
Get your tickets here


Brick Penguin Presents:
The Hunt for an Outlaw

imagesHe rode into town on Friday and spent the next three days ropin’, wrasslin’, rustlin’, and wreakin’ the kinda havoc befitting a man of his considerable wickedness. Then rode out of town on Friday. (His horse was named Friday, it’s, like, page one of the riddle book.) The sheriff put out a bounty and asked for folks fearless and foolish to hunt down this dastardly outlaw. We stepped forward, were deputized, and rode out with the dust behind us and our bullets in front. We’ve been known as Brick Penguin ever since: Renegade Lawmen with a warped sense of morality and humor built for the gallows. We’ve got a brand new sketch comedy show at Hamilton’s Bar & Grill  (233 2nd St NW) on Saturday June, 13 at 8pm and 10pm. Come down to the saloon, ask the barman for a whiskey and a hot shave, and see our all new sketches, you can bring your horse, too. Get your tickets here.

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Brick Penguin Presents:
Casual Sax with Strangers

OJJPicture this: You’re walking through the streets. It’s warm, but the breeze is just strong enough to make your long, luxurious feathered hair flutter gently. The city is alive with danger and excitement and cab drivers in a knife fight. You turn your head and see a mysterious stranger. Your eyes meet. This song plays (for some reason, don’t question it). You move closer until you can taste each other’s warm breath. It’s physical. It’s animal. There’s only one way this night’s gonna end and that’s with hot jazz all over the place. Our brand new sketch comedy show will be a lot like that. We’ve got all new sketches, as nasty as you like it. So come out to Hamilton’s Bar & Grill  (233 2nd St NW) on Saturday April 25 at 8pm and 10pm and enjoy some Casual Sax with Strangers. Get your tickets here.


Brick Penguin Presents:
This One’s for the Belt!

giphyTempers are flaring. Blows have been thrown. Integrity has been challenged. The stakes have never been higher. The belt is on the line! … The championship belt… no, not just some random belt… no, not the belt you wear with your pants… it’s a championship belt… What’s it a championship for? The championship of–whatever, screw you. We’ve got a brand new show to bust, bash, and bloody our way into 2015. New sketches. No Mercy. Join us February 28 at Hamiltons Bar (233 2nd St NW) for two shows at 8PM and 10PM. (Also JC is back, which could either encourage or deter you from coming to the show.) Get your tickets here!